Why Do I Need A Proxy Or A VPN ?

Proxy servers and VPN’s are useful tools to hide identities and online activity. Many people use them to unblock internet sites blocked in certain countries & protect themselves on public wifi connections. Some reasons are more serious than others.

Why do you need to use a proxy or a VPN ?… Well, are you :

  • An ExPat living abroad in France, Spain or the US and need access to Netflix or UK TV streaming ?
  • In the Military stationed in foreign countries & want to watch TV from back home ?
  • At school trying to get Youtube or Netflix site up in the computer lab ?
  • Stuck in the office trying to stream the football, tennis or TV channels ?
  • Using public wifi & need to send an important email / enter confidential info on a website ?
  • Trying to get access to foreign TV, news channels / websites ?
  • Living in a country that bans access to Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Netflix or social media sites ?

If the answer to any of these is yes, then using a proxy server or a VPN can help you.

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