How To Change Your IP Address

Your IP address is your identifier on the internet. It can identify which continent, country, state and city you are in. It can also identify who your Internet Service Provider is; which means it’s possible for companies or law enforcement to contact them and request details about you (name, address, phone number & billing details). … Read more

How To Unblock Facebook At School

Are you getting blocked trying to access Facebook or Instagram from your  school network, computer lab or library ? Some school networks block your internet access to certain sites by using firewalls or other content management systems – but don’t worry, you can easily unblock your favourite websites at school by using a proxy service … Read more

Proxy Servers Explained

A Proxy Server is a server that facilitates/bridges an internet connection for you. It acts as an intermediary or stepping stone between a user and the server they wish to reach. Proxy servers are commonly used to avoid restrictions preventing users connecting to certain websites. This could be office networks blocking access to Facebook during … Read more