How To Unblock Facebook At School

Are you getting blocked trying to access Facebook or Instagram from your  school network, computer lab or library ?

Some school networks block your internet access to certain sites by using firewalls or other content management systems – but don’t worry, you can easily unblock your favourite websites at school by using a proxy service to bypass firewalls.

A proxy service is a website that front-ends your request to Facebook, fooling your school network into thinking your are only viewing another webpage. We have a growing list of proxies and proxy services in our resource page, but one of the first your will want to try it Proxyboost.


proxyboost allows you to access Facebook and other internet sites masking your IP address and physical location from the destination site as well as preventing your school network operators seeing what websites you are visiting an using over wifi or the LAN connected computers.

Simply enter the URL of the site your want to visit and that website is then displayed inside a frame where your can decide to block or allow tracking cookies, scripts and ads. Very handy indeed.

When we reviewed proxyboost, we observed that it has a simple, clear interface, not cluttered with flashing links, images or distracting multicolored gifs. The front page only contained a few advertisements – which it needs to display, so it gets paid and can keep the service running for free without charging its visitors. Performance was acceptable, not too slow and possible to watch videos on Facebook without much lag or delay.

If you have trouble using this site, post a comment below and let us and the owners of proxyboost know what you think of their service. Also be sure to check out our list of other proxy services too.

We are not affiliated with proxyboost. As always please read our disclaimer before using and proxy or VPN services. We want you to stay safe online. Have fun !

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